A book about Totalitarians such as Hitler

The Totalitarians Among Us

I am besieged by a thousand or more of the Mexican (forces) under Santa Anna… The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword if the fort is taken. I have answered the demand with a canon shot.” – William Travis, The Alamo, 1836 The confusion […]

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Library represents the market order

Individual Action and the Market Order

“We were the first to assert that the more complicated the forms assumed by civilization, the more restricted the freedom of the individual must become.” – Benito Mussolini What follows is primarily a theory of society that attempts to understand the forces that guide, or ought to guide, the individual and endeavors to derive a […]

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Circus sign as an introduction

Video: 01. Intro to Econ Circus

This brief video gives an introduction into the Econ Circus website where the three “tents” of the Circus are discussed: Liberalism – Capitalism – Austrian Economics. Liberalism is the idea that the government should not grant any privileges to any persons or corporation and should only protect the life, liberty and property of its citizens.  […]

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A.B.C. - Austrian Business Cycle

What is Austrian Economics?

“If by left you mean Democrat and by right you mean Republican, then Austrian economics is neither left nor right.” – @EconCircus[i] When someone asks what is Austrian economics, without hesitating you can say something like: Austrian economics is the economics of capitalism, as opposed to all other economic schools that support socialism; it is […]

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