Meet the Troupe

I am Robert Aro, CPA, CA, founder, content creator and owner of Econ Circus.

In 2007 I graduated from the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto and began my career at Deloitte.  I successfully completed the UFE and become a Chartered Accountant (now called a Chartered Professional Accountant).

Over the last four years I became a vocational economist after doing extensive studying and writing about Austrian economics for the sole purpose of seeking the truth in economics.  Econ Circus is the platform I have created that will allow me to share my knowledge and writings on this subject matter.  This will be one of the few websites that teaches Austrian economics as it not taught anywhere in Canada and is taught at only a few institutes in the USA.

In person or in print I will show that mainstream economics is an absolute fraud and will expose all other economic schools, most pundits on the news, newsletter writers, authors and columnists.

The most important thing in economics should be the truth, however the academic community lead by professional economists have completely betrayed the public by ignoring the truth for many generations.  Economics differs from most fields because proving old theories incorrect is not the objective of the professional economists, rather, the object is to maintain the status quo and orthodox or mainstream economic policies that rely on government intervention to fix the problems of government intervention.  Austrian economics is appealing for the reason that it is both truth and easy to understand, and  once you learn about the free market, the dangers of Central Banking, and only when you read from Mises, Rothbard, Hayek, Hazlitt and countless other authors, will you understand the idea of freedom and liberty.

The website will not rely on personal donations for funding; however, I will launch a non-profit organization with the intent on creating the “Museum of Socialism,” which will be a unique space that will maintain a public record of socialism and teach capitalism to the public.

Join me on social media and read my articles; let’s build something great and make the world a better place!