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“I don’t want to lead the people, I want to free them.” – Robert Aro

Econ Circus has arrived!  Not to lead the people, but to free them by illuminating the truth in economics.

For too long the powers that be have seemingly turned a blind eye to simple truths and causations, focusing instead on making inferences by correlation and fallacies.  We cannot say whether there is some grandiose deception at work here, and placing blame via conspiracy theories is not this site’s raison d’être, but the simple fact remains that decisions have been made, the board has been set, and the game has been  rigged.

The Circus is simply here to warn members of society what the government has done to their money, their liberty and their economic well-being.  A series of inexorable events have occurred that will soon culminate in the world’s largest currency crisis and hyperinflation.  Western Civilization is led by economists who continue to learn nothing from history, which means that each new financial crisis is worse than the last.  When the crisis comes, Central Banks will resort to inflationism and governments will resort to interventionism.  This will only prolong the crisis and make it worse.

With sincere regret we must make it known that the main stream media, most economists, financial advisors, experts on television, successful economic writers, hedge funds, money managers, and the majority of career politicians are either incapable or unwilling to do anything to stop this madness.

Is it Doomsday-Armageddon?  No.  But will the next decade be more difficult than the last?  Yes.

We want society to be alarmed in order to take swift, but non-violent action.  Protect yourself, survive the crisis, and better the community in which you live, and the country at large.  Now is the time for the best men and women to stand up and shed themselves of the precarious Weltanschauung so often espoused in the world today; Econ Circus will help you do that.

Econ Circus aims at becoming the #1 source of business and economic news in Canada and the USA.  The Circus will bring news stories and articles from across the web, and provide original content for the masses.  The Circus will be interactive and act as a forum for an online community where real discussion and truth can be shared.  Not being owned by the main stream media monopoly will allow readers to avoid the daily trappings of propaganda and untruths that are routinely bandied about.  In doing so the Circus will stand as one of the few news sources that treats its readers with the respect they deserve.  

What the Circus is not; it is neither a movement nor a mouthpiece for the left or the right, alt-left or alt-right, the democrats or republicans, liberals or conservatives, the rich or poor, the anarchist, nihilist or globalist.  The Circus is and will only support capitalism, and is for ‘the Capitalist’ inside everyone.   Specifically, the long forgotten thought from the 18th to early 20th centuries known as Liberalism, where governments were required to protect the people; their Life, Liberty and Property.

It is a generally held that economic truth leads to economic freedom, therefore the masses must be told about one of the most insidious beliefs in society.  If the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves, then the worst economic system is the one that no one has understanding of but is told that it is the best.  This problem is called “socialism,” and it is the biggest threat to western civilization.

Western society has become so socialist, that the majority of people are blind to what socialism actually means, they do not know its history, and they certainly have no understanding of its application to their own socio-economic reality.  This is not good.  Money and banking is understood by even less people, especially the ones in charge of money and banking; this is even worse.  Gold has been antiquated as a barbarous relic; however the Central Banks of Russia and China, the bullion banks, and the ultra-wealthy continue to buy Gold at alarming rates unbeknownst to the public.

Socialism is a tool that the strong use over the weak; it is the legalization of theft under the guise of equality but only leads to disparity.  It romanticizes the idea that a central planning authority should take from the ones who have in order to give to the have nots.  This is an illusion, and once the illusion wears off, it is clear that it is actually the process of the poor paying for those in power through inflation.  Socialism gives into the worst of people.  Those in control understand the effectiveness that propaganda and coercion have over the public, while the public, ignorant of the power structure and anything to do with economics, give into its hope.  The people have been sold a bill of goods in believing that the government can solve their problems by giving them ‘free’ money with no consequences, create jobs and distribute the wealth of a nation for the betterment of society.   The modus operandi of the government to pay for Socialism and its ineffective programs is known as Inflationism, which is the antithesis of Liberalism.  The destruction that inflationism creates is something that few have an understanding of, but which the Circus is about to teach.

Join the Circus and spread the word!

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