What is the Circus?

Econ Circus represents freedom and liberty because it is not owned by the State; as represented by the government, mainstream economists, media monopolists and central banks.  As news organization, it will bring stories that media companies cannot, or are unwilling to, provide and economic ideas that are unknown to the masses.  The Circus wishes to notify the public that mainstream media and the  academic community have betrayed society in favour of the State, providing information that is simply not true.  This is done through the dissemination of false information relying on a combination of Keynesian-Chicago/Monetarist fallacies that are devoid of reason, logic, verifiability and require public ignorance in order to be perpetuated.

There is hope because there is one group of economists who have fought against government intervention, price controls, bailouts and who oppose central banking in name of free market capitalism; this group of thinkers belong to the Austrian School of economics.  It is not taught in Canada and there are only a few Colleges/Universities in the USA that offer Ph.D. programs in this field of study.  Econ Circus will challenge its readers to educate themselves to better their own lives and the society in which they live.  The website and related social media will provide original content and support free market news in order to create a forum that will educate the public in schools of thought that have been long forgotten, known as: Liberalism, Individualism, Capitalism and the Truth.  There is no reason to support populism, collectivism, interventionism, inflationism, despotism, racism, sexism, and any forms of violence, hate, coercion or suppression that are inherent in every socialist system; these ideas are all anti-capitalism and anti-freedom.

Great thinkers throughout history defined equality as the enforcement of equal rights for everyone, not the enforcement of making everyone equal.  This means that all individuals, groups and corporations remain free from government intervention, bailouts, handouts, central planning and equalization or distribution schemes.  Liberalism demands that the government give no special favours to any person, group or corporation and that the government should engage in the least amount of business enterprise or assistance as possible, with the sole purpose of protecting the Life, Liberty and Property of the people.  The goal is to get readers, the general public and the academia to strive for that freedom.